Randomly Generated Biology Multiple-Choice Practice Exam
Grade: 8
Number of questions: 10

1. The system of classification based on evolutionary relationship is called
   Artificial classification  
   Evolutionary classification  
   True classification   
   Natural classification  

2. The very small cell organelles which are involved in protein synthesis are:-
   Golgi bodies  
   Endoplasmic reticulum   

3. The part of plant cell that provides protection and support is
   endoplasmic reticulum  
   cell wall   

4. The light reaction of photosynthesis occurs
   during the day time  
   both in day and night time  
   at mid night time  
   in the evening time  

5. The taste that most people sense on the back of the tongue is:

6. Which of the following diseases and their causes are correctly paired?
   Leprosy - heredity  
   Ring worm - round worm   
   Typhoid - bacteria  
   Cholera - virus  

7. Which of the following diseases are infectious?
   Anemia and Rabies  
   Night blindness and scurvy  
   Polio and pellagra   
   Tetanus and athlete's foot  

8. Crawling animals are collected using
   Pond nets   
   Butterfly nets  
   Sweep nets  
   Pitfall traps  

9. Which of the following IS correctly matched with its reproductive structure?
   Algae - frond  
   Moss - Rhizome  
   Fern - flower  
   Junipers - cone  

10. Xerophytes are plants adapted to live in desert and semi-desert regions. The fact that they have fleshy roots to store water & few stomata is
   Anatomical adaptation  
   Morphological adaptation  
   Physiological adaptation  

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