Randomly Generated Biology Multiple-Choice Practice Exam
Grade: 8
Number of questions: 10

1. Which of the following is part of choroid layer?
   Ciliary body  

2. If you are an assertive person, which of the following is your character?
   Get what you want at the expense of others  
   Always apologize  
   Respect yourself and other people  
   Empower others  

3. Which of the following diseases are non-infectious?
   Measles and Tuberculosis  
   Typhoid fever and beriberi  
   Scurvy and Tetanus   
   Marasmus and night blindness  

4. Social insects include:
   Termites and ants   
   Locusts and houseflies  
   Mosquitoes & grasshopper  
   Bees and butterflies  

5. Which of the following insects have two pairs of wings?
   Mosquito and bee.  
   Locust and mosquito  
   Housefly and mosquito  
   Dragon fly and bee   

6. Which of the following diseases attack plants?
   Mumps and potato blight   
   Measles and mildew  
   Mildew and rust  
   Meningitis and mumps   

7. The association of an insect and flower is an example of

8. During the menstrual cycle of a woman, fertilization is most likely to occur between:
   3 - 8 days  
   21- 28 days  
   11 - 17 days   
   7 - 9 days  

9. Select the one that is matched correctly
   Kidney --> Circulatory system  
   Heart --> Transport system   
   Leaves --> Roots system  
   Blood -->Respiratory system  

10. If a boy looked like a girl in his external appearance, this situation could be due to the lack of

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