Randomly Generated Biology Multiple-Choice Practice Exam
Grade: 8
Number of questions: 10

1. Which one of the following hormones helps re-absorption of water in the kidney?
   Parathyroid hormone  
   Human growth hormone   
   Gonadotrophine hormone  
   Antidiuretic hormone  

2. Which of the following is a correct description to be used for identification of the three castes of bees?
   The queen produces royal jelly.   
   The Drone has abdomen that tapers to point.  
   The worker bee is the largest in size.  
   The Queen is with longer body and tapered abdomen.  

3. Which of the following is NOT true in water cycle?
   Water from rivers evaporate to form clouds  
   Clouds are changed into rain by precipitation  
   Water vapor is changed to cloud by sublimation  
   Water is changed to ice by freezing  

4. Which of the following organisms are found in the same kingdom?
   Mosquito and plasmodium   
   Spirogyra and amoeba  
   Bacteria and amoeba  
   Yeast and bacteria  

5. A soil type which is more aerated than the other is

6. Double fertilization in flowering plants produces:
   Sperm nucleus and zygote  
   Zygote and endosperm  
   Pollen tube and tube nucleus   
   Endosperm and sperm nucleus  

7. Which of the following is true about artery?
   Arteries have thick wall  
   There is a low pressure in artery  
   Blood flows slowly in artery  
   There is a valve in artery   

8. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of:

9. What is the function of motor neuron?
   It connects sensory and motor neurons.  
   It carries impulses from sense organs to effectors.  
   It carries impulse from central nervous system to glands or muscles.  
   It connects brain and spinal cord   

10. When we see a distant object
   the suspensory ligaments become stretched  
   the lens becomes thicker  
   the ciliary muscles contract  
   the image is formed behind the retina   

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