Randomly Generated Mathematics multiple choice Practice Exam
Grade: 12
Number of questions: 10

1. If the complex number a + bi corresponds to the point (a, b), to what point does correspond ?

2. On the interval [0, 2], what is the solution set of sin 2x=cosx?

3. Suppose A and B are the end points of a diameter of the sphere whose equation is x2 + y2 + (z + 2)2=1. If A =(1,0,-2), then B is equal to

4. Items produced by certain company are subjected to two kinds of defects D1 and D2. Out of the total production, if 5% have defect D1,
10% have defect D2 and 2% have both defects, then what is
the probability for an item to have defect D2, Given that it has defect D1.

5. In the set of complex numbers, the solution set of X2 - 4x + 5 =0 is:
   {1 +2i, 1-2i}   
   {2 + i, 2 - i}   

6. Which of the following is the image of the ellipse
under rotation by 90 o in anti-clockwise direction about the origin?

7. , Which of the following is true about f?
   Its graph has oblique asymptote   
   The graph of f does of meet its asymptote   

8. What is the sum of the series

9. Which of the following is a vector that lies on the line through (0,0) and (2,4)?

10. What is the value of arctan

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