Randomly Generated Mathematics multiple choice Practice Exam
Grade: 10
Number of questions: 10




3. What is the true set of the inequality 3x <  1/2(x + 15) in the set of positive integers?

4. Which one of the following geometric transformations carries all points of the plane in the same direction and the same distance?
   Reflection of the plane  
   Central stretching of the plane  
   Translation of the plane  
   Rotation of the plane  

5. What is the equation of a line with slope m=-3 and passing through the points (1,2)?

6. Which of the following plane figures are not necessarily similar?
   Any two rectangles  
   Any two circles  
   Any two squares  
   Any two equilateral triangles  

7. Which of the following quadrilaterals is necessarily a rectangle?
   A rhombus  
   A trapezium  
   A square  
   A parallelogram  


9. Eight pens and six books cost 26 birr, twelve pens and four books of the same type cost 24 birr. What is the cost of the pen and the book respectively?
   3 birr and 1 birr  
   2 birr and 3 birr  
   3 birr and 2 birr  
   1 birr and 3 birr  

10. If P is the smallest of four consecutive even integers, what is their sum in terms of P?
   4p + 8  
   4p + 12  
   4p + 6  
   4p + 10  

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