Randomly Generated English grammar Practice Exam
Grade: 10
Number of questions: 10

1. Sisay: ! something burning, Alemu, don't you? Alemu: Yes, I do. i __________ a rubber dropped in a fire.
   Have smelled/ must have been   
   Smell/ must be   
   Am smelling/must have been   
   Have been smelling/must be   

2. ''Don 't worry about the accommodation, mother! I 'll call you_________ we get to the hotel
   As soon as   

3. This is my friend Urago. He __________baseball.
   is loving   

4. Gugsa: __________ chocolate milk?
Haile: Yes, I do, but I like pizza btter.
   did you like   
   Have you liked   
   Do you like  
   what about   

5. It was __________ a difficult journey ________ most of us became very tired in the middle of the day.
   So . . . as  
   So . . . that   
   Such . . . that   
   Such . . . as   

6. The ministry of education is revising the curriculum every five years _____ maintain quality in education.
   In order to   
   such that   
   In order that to   
   so that   

7. I asked my wife to go out for dinner but she said she couldn 't afford ___________ because she was too busy.
   To go out   
   Gose out   
   go out  
   going out   

8. My brother usually______ jeans and a sweater but today he is wearing a suit
   will wear  
   has won  
   is wearing  

9. Zeberga, Where has Chaltu gone? Udesa: She didn 't tell me, she to the supermarket; she was looking someone to buy her fruit.
   might have gone   
   may go  
   Would go   

10. _______ he thinks of his mother 's cooking, he feels homesick.
   As soon as   

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