Randomly Generated History Multiple-Choice Practice Exam
Grade: 10
Number of questions: 10

1. The writings of Rousseau and Voltaire were in general against
   individual liberty   
   Private property   
   Feudal oppression   
   capitalist system   

2. Which of the following battles of the 19o century Ethiopia was fought to settle rivalry between regional lords?
   The Ballte of Dogali   
   The Ballte of Debarqi   
   The Ballte of Embabo   
   The Ballte of Kufit   

3. Who played a significant role in exposing the famine that devastated most northern Ethiopian in the mid 1970s?
   Ethiopians living in abroad   
   The Ethiopian Television   
   The Imperial Government   
   Ethiopian Students   

4. Which of the following activity was widespread during the Cold War period?
   Hostile propaganda and tension between the two blocs   
   Disarmament of nuclear weapons by the super powers   
   Armed clashes between the antagonistic super powers   
   Military cooperation among the Eastern and Western blocs   

5. In which of the following Africa countries is a language that belongs to the Afro-Asiatic supp r fami1t spoken?

6. Which of the following objectives of the organization of African Unity has been successful achieved?
   Maintaining peace and security in the Continent of Africa   
   Eliminating all sorts at colonialism horn Africa   
   Ensuring the economic integration of Africa   
   Raising the living standard of the peoples of Africa   

7. Which of the following was the most important result of the Afar and Somali population movements in the Ethiopian region. since the middle of the 15 thcentury? It has led to the
   Revival of the power of the Christian Kingdom   
   Decline in the population of the Horn of Africa   
   Military strength of the Sultanate of Adal   
   Relocation of these people in areas outside Ethiopia   

8. Empress Taitu's choice to be Menilik's successor was Zewditu. The main reason for this was
   Zewditu's marriage to her relative, Ras Gugsa   
   because lyasu had Muslim background.   
   because Zewditu was a woman like Taitu   
   Taitu's personal hatred for Nigus Michael   

9. How did Haile Sellassie's government react to the long years of famine that ravaged northern Ethiopia in the 1960s and 1970s?
   It tried the best it could to control the famine   
   It introduced resettlement of peasants as a solution   
   It appealed to the international community for aid   
   It kept the matter secret as much as possible   

10. The Muslim sultanate that emerged in present Republic of Sudan in early l6th century was known as

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