Randomly Generated History Multiple-Choice Practice Exam
Grade: 10
Number of questions: 10

1. Which people attacked the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century?
   Muslim Arabs   
   Germanic Tribes .   
   Ottoman Turks   
   . Seljuk Turks   

2. Young and beautiful female slaves who were exported from Ethiopia to the Middle East countries in the 19th century mostly became.
   Concubines and wives important men   
   Baby nurses in the palaces.   
   Maid servants of ordinary people.   
   House keepers to the rulers.   

3. Russian resistance against Napoleon's invasion was greatly helped by the climatic condition of the country because the campaign took place during
   a harsh winter season for which the French were unprepared   
   an extremely hot climate which affected the French army.   
   a very pleasant climate that suited the Russian army well.   
   a time of Russian tsunami that made fighting impossible.   

4. The basic factor for the growth of Arabic to an international language was
   the effect of Arab Civilization.   
   the effect of Muslim scholars.   
   growth of Arab influence in trade   
   the rise and spread of Islam.   

5. What was the main reason for the frequent boundary conflicts in independent Africa?
   Many African states shared peoples of single ethnic groups along boundaries   
   In many African states a per-colonial ethnic conflicts were revived again   
   In many African states the ethnic oppression of colonial period continued   
   Many African states have several ethnic groups within their boundaries.   

6. Which of the following is an outcome of the Crusades?
   Weakening the Catholic Church in Europe   
   Encouraging commerce in medieval Europe   
   Crushing Muslim power in the Holy Lands   
   Strengthening the power of nobility in Europe   

7. Which of the following organs of the United Nations Organization has the power to investigate disputes that arise among member states?
   The Security Council   
   The Court of Justice   
   The Secretariat   
   The General Assembly   

8. The Maji Maji rebellion of 1905 against the Germans was caused by
   policy of depriving Africans access to clean pipe water.   
   heavy taxation imposed by Germans on the local people   
   land policy that made the local people lose their land   
   policy of forcing local population to grow only tea .   

9. What was the cause of the Great Famine of 1888-1892 in Ethiopia?
   . Extended drought   
   Civil war   
   Bad harvest   
   Cattle epidemics   

10. In the Severn Years War (1756-1763), the country that fought against Britain in North America was

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