Randomly Generated History Multiple-Choice Practice Exam
Grade: 10
Number of questions: 10

1. The Zoilvercin contributed for the economic unification of the German states by
   eliminating tariff barriers in trade between German states.   
   enable Otto Von Bismarck become Chancellor of Prussia   
   bringing them under the rule of the Emperor of Prussia   
   excluding Austria from all German economic affairs.   

2. In historical writings the term century means hundred years, while the term decade means a period of ten years. Using the definitions given identify the decade and the century in which 1613 is found
   The first decade of the 17th century   
   The first decade of the 16th century   
   The second decade of the 17th century   
   The second decade of the 16th century   

3. Ottoman occupation of Constantinople in 1534 marked
   the birth of the holy Roman Empire.   
   the end of the Byzantine Empire.   
   the beginning of the I)ark Age'' in Europe.   
   the end of the Western Roman Empire.   

4. Why did the Roman Emperor Constantine issue the Edict of Milan in the 4 century A.D?
   To introduce religious toleration   
   To stop the spread of Judaism   
   To prohibit the Christian rel  

5. l9 century local markets of Ethiopia were taking place on fixed days of the week that varied from one district to the other in order to
   enable foreigners to visit as many markets as possible.   
   mislead brigands who robbed people on market days.   
   enable local rulers to collect tax from different markets.   
   enable people to attend different markets in a week.   

6. Who invented telephone in 1876?
   Rudolf Diesel   
   Alexander Graham Bell   
   Guglisimo Marconi   
   Henery Bessemer   

7. The urban centers known as Ketema which
   Centers of the army garrison.   
   Areas occupied by settlers from Northern Ethiopia   
   Market centers for long-distance trade.   
   Villages around the Orthodox Churches.   

8. A target of criticism in the writings of the Enlighteners of the 18th century was
   Absolute monarchy   
   Constitutional monarchy   

9. Which of the following regions submitted peacefully to Menlik in the territorial expansion conducted between 1875 and 1889?
   Long drought   
   Locust invasion   
   Crop failure   
   Cattle epidemics   

10. Ethiopia is commonly known as ''A museum of people'' because
   the rich history of the country has called for the opening of many museums.   
   there are several historical and natural history museums in the country.   
   of the existence of diverse ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups in the country.   
   some of the cultures are in danger of extinction and should be kept in museums.   

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