How to do the practice exam:

Select Grade.
Select Subject.
Select Year.
Select number of Questions Per Page.
Click on Start Button .
The exam will be loaded on New browser or Tab.
If your browser is Internet Explorer click on Yes button to open the new browser as shown below.

internet explorer
  The Exam will be loaded on a new window as shown in the figure below...
exam when displayed

Select the answer by clicking on the Circles Buttons at the left of the choices, as shown in the figure below

select button


If the total number of question is greater than the number of questions displayed click on Next Button at the bottom of the page to load the next questions.

next button



To go back to the previous page click on The Previous Button at the bottom of the page as shown below.

previous button

To move to back and forth between pages select page number and Click on Jump Button as shown below.
  move to pages
: To see the result Click on view Result Button as shown below.
  view result
Your result will be shown as shown in the figure below.
To do re take the exam without seeing the answer Click On the Go Back and Do the Exam Again Button.
  redo exam
To look on the attempted questions and answer Click On the Show Me Question with Detail Answer Button.
  result with answer
All attempted questions will be marked and displayed along with the correct answer as shown below.
  questions and answers


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